Aldo Leopold in the Southwest

leopold1Aldo Leopold is considered the “father” of science-based wildlife management. His ideas, still used today, were fostered by his time exploring Arizona and the southwest. In this activity, students use an interactive, GIS-based Story Map to learn about these key life moments.
Students will read biographical text highlighting important locations in Leopold’s development. Each virtual stop will provide a creative way to increase student understanding through the use of readings, journaling and primary source documents. Reflection questions are included regularly throughout the activity to allow students to further examine Leopold’s work and their own ideas.

The activity is available by clicking on the link below. It is accessible on all platforms and devices. No special downloads are necessary.


  • How did human attitudes/beliefs change with the evolution of conservation?
  • What specific actions by U.S. citizens shaped wildlife conservation?
  • Who were some significant historical figures that contributed to wildlife conservation?
  • How can life events influence people’s attitudes and cause them to change over time?


This lesson has been correlated to the following Arizona Department of Education academic standards:

Science – 6th Grade

  • S2.C2.PO1
  • S2.C2.PO2
  • S4.C3.PO2

Science – 7th Grade

  • S2.C2.PO1
  • S2.C2.PO2
  • S4.C3.PO4

Science – 8th Grade

  • S2.C2.PO2

Science – High School

  • S2.C1.PO4
  • S4.C3.PO2
  • S4.C4.PO4

Social Studies – 6th Grade

  • S1.C1.PO3
  • S4.C5.PO3

Social Studies – 7th Grade

  • S1.C1.PO3
  • S4.C5.PO3
  • S4.C5.PO4

Social Studies – 8th Grade

  • S1.C1.PO3
  • S4.C5.PO2
  • S4.C5.PO5

Social Studies – High School

  • S1.C1.PO4
  • S1.C1.PO5
  • S4.C5.PO6

College and Career Ready – 6th-8th Grade

  • 6-8.RST.1
  • 6-8.RST.2
  • 6-8.RST.6

College and Career Ready – 9th-10th Grade

  • 9-10.RST.1
  • 9-10.RST.2
  • 9-10.RST.6

College and Career Ready – 11th-12th Grade

  • 11-12.RST.1
  • 11-12.RST.2
  • 11-12.RST.6


Eric Proctor, Wildlife Education coordinator, Arizona Game and Fish Department




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