Reading about Arizona’s Wildlife: Exploration Period

Man and Wildlife in Arizona provides insight into the abundance and distribution of wildlife in Arizona prior to the arrival of settlers. The book proves to be a valuable source of information for people who wish to put our current wildlife management and conservation actions into an historical perspective. In this activity, teachers are given resources to help students comprehend the reading in a meaningful way.

The lesson includes a reading anticipation guide, a study guide and a vocabulary guide. A teacher’s key is provided as well.

The lesson is available as a downloadable PDF that includes ideas to extend and modify the lesson for different audiences.


  • How did human attitudes toward natural resources evolve from exploitation to stewardship?
  • Who were some significant historical figures that contributed to wildlife conservation?
  • How do biologists study wildlife populations and movements?


This lesson has been correlated to the following Arizona Department of Education academic standards:

Science – High School

  • S3.C1.PO1
  • S4.C3.PO2

Social Studies – High School

  • S1.C1.PO6
  • S1.C5.PO3
  • S4.C5.PO6
  • S4.C6.PO2

College and Career Ready – 9th-10th Grade

  • 9-12.RST.1
  • 9-12.RST.4

This lesson is also correlated to the Next Generation Science Standards and the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies Standards. Please see the lesson plan for more information.


Eric Proctor, Wildlife Education coordinator, Arizona Game and Fish Department



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